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Self-reliance, solidarity and cooperation: the Achmea Foundation regards these concepts as key values rooted in Achmea’s history as a cooperative. The Achmea Foundation initiates and supports projects that help to permanently improve the lives of people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. 


New procedures
As part of its efforts to increase the sustainable impact of its contributions, the Achmea Foundation has modified its profile and altered its procedures, with the changes set to be implemented in early 2015. We have also decided to keep the number of new projects initiated limited to four or five a year, so as to prevent the available funds from becoming diluted.
We launch these projects at our own instigation or join existing projects initiated by other organisations. We are aware that cooperating with organisations that support our objective reinforces the project and increases its likelihood of success. In addition to providing funds (donations and loans), we also share the knowledge, experience and expertise of Achmea employees. Our main focus is on projects with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) angle..
New applications
Starting on 1 January 2015, we will be processing new applications  based on the new procedures.


Stichting Vrienden van DHAN III

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Emergency supply universtiy

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Care Foundation The Gambia II

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